Networking Mummies HORSHAM

Networking Mummies (Horsham & Crawley) run by branch leader Tanya McGinty 

Hi, I’m Tanya, married to Chris and Mum to Amelia and Morgan. We live in Horsham, West Sussex. 

I’ve been in the corporate world all my working life, within Sales and Training,. I’ve had the great pleasure to work with some globally recognized brands. However recently, I’ve taken the decision, to spend more time with my family as they are only young for a short time, and start my own business. 

I am partnered with a global rock solid company that has the most incredible innovative products... that pays out crazy commissions. I built a business through just retailing a global sought after product... WHITENING TOOTHPASTE! Who doesn't want white teeth? No peroxide, no nasties and patented so no one else can copy. 

In addition to this I run my own beauty salon, offering non-invasive instant facelifts, using Galvanic therapy. 

Both businesses allow me to help others, both personally and professionally, which in turn helps me feed my driven and entrepreneurial spirit. 

I am dedicated to progressing my business and making a better life for my family. 

Networking Mummies Horsham & Crawley is a great base to share business connections, tips and ideas to local mummies in business. I hope to meet you at an event soon!

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