Networking Mummies LEAMINGTON

Networking Mummies (Leamington) run by branch leader Sara Maxwell

Hi, my name is Sara Maxwell. I am a busy mum of three boys, Max, Zack and Rudy. Last year I finally married my wonderful husband Connor, we all live in Leamington Spa and together we have a gorgeous Bulldog puppy, Bailey.

My background is 25 years experience working as an interior designer and project manager, I am still working on a large residential project in Belgravia for a private client.

Ten months ago I started working as a Forever Living representative with my new company Love Aloe. It’s a business that fits in easily around my existing commitments. I love being my own boss and the freedom that gives me. I never have to miss any school assemblies or put my children into childcare.

Since starting my Forever journey I have discovered talents thatI didn't know I had! I have built a team and love helping them to achieve their goals. The training is mainly done online, so you can watch it when it's convenient for you. There is an amazing team work ethic and the support we give and receive is incredible. Not to mention the rewards that are available as you move up the marketing plan. well as new team members I have friends for life.

As a professional network marketer I know that Networking Mummies provides an invaluable service in supporting and nurturing MUMtrepreneurs. I am looking forward to getting to know the amazing members of the Leamington Spa branch and working with them to continue to grow and develop this incredible service and to help people to achieve their dreams.

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