Networking Mummies LEICESTER

Welcome to Networking Mummies Leicester ran by Branch Leader Marian Stutley.

Hi I’m Marian. I have a full time day job as a Project Manager and I run my business Now to Wow in my spare time.

My dream is to have a better work life balance and to be able to have more quality time with my fiancé Ian and my family.

Now to Wow is a business designed to help women to look and feel more confident and realise their full potential through colour, personal styling, skincare and makeup application.

I used to allow my my introverted tendencies to get in the way of achieving my goals, dreams and aspirations. 

Now I have learnt to use these image tools to overcome my shyness, insecurity and lack of confidence as well as manage my needs for quiet reflection and space to recharge my batteries. Now my passion is helping others to do the same.

I am excited to have joined the Networking Mummies Team to push myself to step further out of my comfort zone, expand my business and empower others expand theirs and achieve their own goals, dreams and aspirations.

What I love about Networking Mummies is that it has family at the very heart of its vision and it is a really supportive community of mums and dads in business.

Hope to see you at a Networking Mummies event very soon!

Email: [email protected]