Welcome to Networking Mummies Lichfield and Tamworth ran by branch leader Louise Watson

Hi I'm Louise. A 35 year old single mum to 5 wonderful kids. I've been involved in the fitness industry since 2001. I originally trained as a classical dancer and chose to become a fitness instructor after my second child. Performing on stage and being a full time mum was becoming to difficult! So I became involved in the world of fitness and health. I began teaching my own classes and have taught various classes including aerobics, step, zumba, street dance and pilates. Over the years I've worked for various gyms and fitness centres gaining experience. I've had the odd year off here and there to stay home with the kids. I've also given my time to retail and sales but figured out it just wasn't for me! I set up my business, The Ab Fab Plan in 2012. Being a single mum with 5 children I decided I had to work for myself in order to give my children the time, energy and love they deserved from me as their mum. Having a passionfor fitness and health and having recently completed a 14 day detox plan I knew which direction I wanted to go in. My business inspires, encourages and motivates women to take control of their health through detoxing and following a clean lifestyle plan. I'm a born motivator. I love life and I love to see people succeed and reach their goals, then set new ones and smash those too!I'm excited to now be part of the Networking Mummies team and I'm looking forward to expanding my business and helping others expand theirs too.

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