Networking Mummies TELFORD

Networking Mummies (Telford) is run by branch leader Charlotte Williams

Charlotte in three words would be described as calm, understanding and approachable. She is Mom to her two year old little girl, Eloise, who is her Boxing Day Baby. At 6 months pregnant, Charlotte decided that she couldn't continue doing the work that she was doing anymore, travelling all around the Midlands and working six days per week and so she let herself have some time to have some time to get to know herself again and this is when her business, Tweedale Therapies, was born. She had spent years working in the behavioural field and she began to pull together her various educations and trainings to develop her own method of therapy. She then began training in various methods of massage therapies to do alongside her mind therapies.

Tweedale Therapies was officially launched in April 2017 with the help and support of The Princes Trust, though Charlotte is a very experienced therapist, and the business is growing amazingly.

Charlotte spends a lot of time networking, developing relationships with other local businesses and spending a lot of time out in the local community talking to other people. This has helped her to really understand the local market and develop a strong network of people to support her business in the same way that she supports them.

Nominee for the 2017 New Business of the Year Award with Networking Mummies, Charlotte is dedicated to making her business work, developing as a Branch Leader and spending lots of time with her daughter, creating new memories and allowing her the opportunity to learn from many inspirational people in business.

You can contact Charlotte on 07538 876217 or 01952 276872 or visit her website  You can also find her on Facebook.