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Social Media Workshop with Lunch

Social Media Workshop with Lunch


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When: Friday the 19th January 2018 10am to 12noon then light lunch and networking until 1pm

Where: Star and Garter, 4-6 Warwick St, Leamington Spa CV32 5LL

What does the workshop entail:

The Social Club!
You’re trying to run a business around your children AND learn how to run your social media channels? You can’t be an expert at everything. Which is why we’re offering two full hours of training on social media.
This will not be a coffee and cake morning. We want to impart real, nitty gritty information. We want to give you the right tools and skills to navigate the social media landscape more effectively and confidently. Our sole aim is to support mums running small businesses who do not have the luxury of a marketing budget. We want to demystify social media for hard working mums and provide an information channel so you’re not struggling on your own - we’re here to support and guide you.
The offer
Two hours of real, problem solving information delivered by two professionals with over 35 years of combined marketing experience. This will be followed by an hour of discussion and networking with refreshments and food. The session will cover a lot of ground for FaceBook and Instagram including set-up, effective posts, running, analysing and problem solving for accounts. We have teamed up with Networking Mummies and can offer this training session at a heavily discounted rate of £35.00 per ticket with a minimum uptake of 10 places. Please note: this level of training is normally offered at £65.00+ for basic introductory information.
PLUS - we will provide a detailed agenda and support material for the session which you can then use for a FREE 30 minute clinic for one of your social media channels where we sit with you and solve your issues in real time. Ticket holders will receive 30% off a social media audit which normally costs £100.00 and covers two channels for the same business. 
About us
We are two Leamington mums who understand how tricky it is to run a business around children but when you have to be your own accountant, marketer, salesperson etc. on top of normal family life - it can get pretty complicated - we’ve been there and it’s not nice! Our promise: You will not be sold to - you will be supported.
Presented by
Olive Tree Social and Hijinx Marketing Ltd.
** The session will start at 10am sharp. The 30 minute clinic is a maximum time and must be booked by the 26th of January 2018. Clinics will be held in Leamington on 29th and 30th January. Social media audits to be booked before 28th February 2018.
Price £35. Book tickets here.