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Canva Workshop

Canva Workshop


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Canva Workshop £20.00 starts 26th Feb 

Including how to create a digital vision board 

Would you like to learn how to create beautiful branded visuals for your r your social media posts? You will learn all of this and more with this on-line course combined with Facebook Group Support. 

You will work at your own pace through the videos and access Facebook group support for 2 weeks. After that time you have access to the videos for as long as you need them. 

Course content 

Canva is a free design website, you don’t need any design experience you just click and drag to build your images. 

The course will show you how to: 

1 use Canva and all of its design 

2 create a Facebook Header image 

3 create a logo 

4 create worksheets which your clients can type on 

5 create eBooks to use to build your email list 

6 select colours to match your branding or photos 

7 create a vision board linked to your goals 

Plus, lots more tips. 

The Facebook group is there for you to share your designs with us and ask for advice from others to build your skills and knowledge. 

Past customers have rebranded their Facebook Page and logos, created social media posts to share their offers on, created posts for adverts, designed worksheets for their courses, created images to brand their videos. You can do so many things with Canva to help you stand out from the crowd with your images and branding.