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Well-being and Relaxation Workshop

Well-being and Relaxation Workshop


A workshop hosted by Lightning Process and NLP Practitioner Laura Dumbleton-Jones and Networking Mummies.

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To include a thirty minute talk , followed by a thirty minute guided relaxation session
We all get stressed from time to time- But have you experienced super sized stress that that feels out of control and seems to stay around ?
Often out of the blue we feel strong strange and often scary symptoms. Such as a rapid heart rate dizziness tingling and being hot /cold and sick. 
This can create a stress response within the body which can open a flood gate of hormones in the bloodstream. Those hormones which are there to prepare you for action can cause a feeling of being unwell. This response then becomes a cycle which, when sustained has a impact on our overall well being and ability to recover from ill health.
Laura will introduce ways in which you can stop this cycle and how to influence well-being within your own body.  
Afterwards we will enjoy an hour of networking with a light brunch. 
Please arrive at 9.30am for registration.
Bring a yoga mat and light blanket for the relaxation. 
Only £15 for a ticket. If you do not have a yoga mat please drop Laura a message as she has a few that can be borrowed for the event. 
Places are limited so book early.
(Minimum 10 places for the event to run, with a maximum of 20 places)